Detechtive is the alternative pop solo project of singer, songwriter and producer Mirja Maier.

Mirja, originally from the south of Germany, has been living in Berlin since last year. She has set up her own little studio here, where she tirelessly tinkers with new sounds and styles.

After school, Mirja began studying pop and jazz music in Freiburg. During her studies she had the idea to combine classical instruments with contemporary, popular music. This idea still doesn’t let her go and laid the foundation for Detechtive.

Inspired by artists like IAMX, Radiohead and Cosmo Sheldrake, Mirja has set herself an ambitious goal with Detechtive: to create a new sound that combines elements of popular music, jazz and classical music.

Thematically, Detechtive deals with social ills, such as sexism and hypercapitalism (“Trapped in a golden cage…”) as well as emotions and personal experiences (“Night and day just fade away with the monster in my mind.”).

The songs allow a deep look into Mirja’s emotional world and are in themselves a protest against trivial pop music that is only geared towards commerce. It is important to Mirja that each song, despite criticism and negativity, also contains a hopeful, positive message (“It weighed me down, yet I’m not crumbling.”, “Be aware that you are free.”).

Hearing Detechtive play live (and in stream) is a great experience: Jazzy clarinet solos meet fat synth basses, groovy beats and an unmistakable voice.