Detechtive is the enigmatic alternative pop solo project by singer, songwriter and producer Mirja Maier, that emerged from the depths of Berlin's underground music scene. Hailing from the mystic southern regions of Germany, she has embarked on a daring mission to create a new musical realm. Her little studio, hidden away from prying eyes, becomes a laboratory of sound, where she tirelessly experiments with new styles and unconventional sounds.

Driven by a desire to merge classical instruments with contemporary popular music, Mirja's studies in pop and jazz music led to the inception of Detechtive. Inspired by the likes of IAMX, Radiohead, and Cosmo Sheldrake, Mirja sets out to achieve an ambitious goal: to create a sound that blends elements of popular music, jazz, and classical music.

At its core, Detechtive is a deeply personal project that delves into a range of themes, from societal ills such as sexism and hypercapitalism, to Mirja's own emotional journey. Each song is an unapologetic protest against the vapid and commercialized nature of much of today's pop music.

Detechtive's live performances are a mesmerizing experience, where jazzy clarinet solos intertwine with fat synth basses and groovy beats, all woven together by Mirja's haunting vocals. Be prepared to be swept away into a world of mystery and intrigue, as Detechtive takes you on a journey through the depths of the human soul.

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