Berlin based Indietronica artist Detechtive has been mixing up the independent music scene since 2019.

She's always on the lookout for new sounds and ways to combine genres. Her unique musical style stems from a wide range of influences: the shadowy allure of electronic music, the warm and versatile sound of the clarinet and the endless possibilities of music production. Her ultimate goal is to craft a sound that seamlessly weaves together the threads of popular music, electronic beats and classical instruments.

At its core, Detechtive is a deeply personal project that delves into a range of themes, from societal ills such as sexism and hypercapitalism, to Detechtive's own emotional journey. Each song is deeply intertwined with Detechtive's inner world, because it was written, recorded, produced and mixed by herself.

Detechtive’s live performances are a mesmerizing experience: On stage she combines jazzy clarinet solos with pulsating synth basses, groovy beats and her extraordinary vocals. Her live sets are designed to make the audience think and dance in equal measures.

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